Bungie deals with Halo rumours

Brutes and docu stuff cleared up.

Bungie has poured proper cold water on our old friend Internet rumours, denying outright that you'll be able to play as Brutes in Halo 3.

What they did do though is confirm the existence of a new Halo 3 documentary, which will be a "holiday" (i.e. Christmas) surprise, in 720p and surround sound, sometime this week.

What's more, Bungie aims to make this available to people who don't have Xbox 360, too, which is probably a good idea for a game geared towards selling the system.

As for the Brutes - they may not be playable, but that's not to say they haven't changed at all. In fact, says Bungie, they will be "more exciting, clever, graphically impressive, terrifying, numerous and angrier than in Halo 2".

Watch out for that then when the documentary hits this week.

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