Bratz: Forever Diamondz Reader Review

Ok so you might be thinking that, 'how can this be such a poor game when the Bratz have such an amazing reputation from kids all over the world?'

Well, this game's presentation is an underwhelming representation of the Bratz world � the brand is all about glitz, glamour and attitude, but none of that comes through here. The graphics are ok, players can mix and match fashions in wardrobe mode, and the make-up interface is what Super Mario 64's intro would have been like if lipstick had been included. The sound: forgettable and repetitive soundtrack selections that sometimes aren't present at all � some mini-games are played in silence. The gameplay is simple with mini-games that step on each others' toes with their control style, and a pet simulator that's already been done much better elsewhere on the DS. The lasting appeal... well let's just say that even young players will have no trouble completing the entire road trip quest in a single afternoon, and the mini-games don't have enough depth to offer fun through replayability.

Overall this game is poor, and I rate it just 4/10.

4 / 10

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