Boll sued for silliness

NY Post goes Postal.

Shonky filmmaker Uwe Boll is being sued for his latest answer to critics.

The New York Post decided to file a suit against the German director after he produced two promotional websites for his film Postal parodying the US newspaper.

Only his version, which featured a similar layout and colour scheme, contained rousing images of terrorism in the Middle East and promotional excerpts for his new movie Postal.

A disclaimer at the bottom of the page read "Achtung, Satire!". Even we know what that means.

His motivation for doing all this was a sledging from the New York Post calling Postal, "The first mass-marketed film to mock the tragedy of 9/11." Temper, temper.

The Raging Boll hit the headlines late last year after punching critics in the head, following a challenge he issued for naysayers to meet him in the ring at designated events. Many did, and fell fowl to the obviously-used-to-be-good-at-boxing director. The evidence still haunts YouTube to this day.

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