Blizzard shows Diablo III's Monk

Fourth character class unveiled.

Blizzard has revealed a fourth character class for Diablo III at BlizzCon 2009 today - the Monk.

According to Eurogamer MMO's Oli Welsh, reporting live from the opening conference, the Monk's a bald-headed fella with a spade beard and big club, decked out in Buddhist orange.

During the conference he was seen facing off with enemies in sand-blown desert ruins, dropping his club and kung-fu punching a demon in the chest before ripping its arm off.

The Monk has a speedy dash move that borders on teleportation, and seems to do massive single-target damage, rending enemies limb from limb.

He joins the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Wizard on the character class list, and Blizzard will no doubt be discussing him in a lot more depth during character panels at the convention today. We'll bring you more as those unfold.

In the meantime, check our ongoing live report on the BlizzCon 2009 conference.

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