Bleszinski rules out Gears 2 for PC

"We're not going to do a PC version."

Cliff Bleszinski has saved us months of tedious speculation by ruling out a PC version of Gears of War 2.

"Gears of War is a great franchise first and foremost for Xbox 360, and therefore we're focusing on that platform for Gears of War 2. We've decided we're not going to do a PC version this time around," he told IGN matter-of-factly.

Following the release of Gears of War on Xbox 360 in November 2006, Epic and Microsoft played dumb for over eight months until the next E3, when the duo surprised nobody by unveiling a spruced-up PC version with new single-player content.

The PC game reviewed well, despite using horrible Games for Windows Live, and filled in some of the gaps in the narrative.

Xbox 360 owners won't have to worry about the need for that with Gears of War 2 though, apparently - at least according to lead writer Joshua Ortega, who told Joystiq this weekend that players will "get nice closure" and avoid a Halo 2-style conclusion.

Check out our most recent Gears of War 2 hands-on with Cliff Bleszinski for more information, and if you want to know all the Achievements in advance, head over to the Gears of War website.

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