BioShock PC demo live

New drivers mark occasion.

2K Games has finally trimmed its fantastic new game BioShock into a syringe-sized taster for PC, weighing in at a considerable 1.88GB.

It will give those of you with a decent desktop computer a chance to try out the atmospheric shooter before its general release on Friday. And by decent we mean one with (at the very least) a 2.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM and at least a 128MB graphics card.

If you're sporting an NVIDIA card under your hood then you should also pop over to the official site and get hold of the new beta Forceware drivers for XP and Vista.

Alternatively you can simply buy the game and wait until Friday to play it. We can't recommend it highly enough, especially after Kristan Reed called it the most deserving 10/10 he'd ever given.

Pop over to our BioShock review to find out why.

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