BioShock patch/DLC this week

The DLC cometh, Sander baby.

BioShock will be patched on both PC and Xbox 360 this week, according to the game's official website, and players of both can also look forward to free downloadable content.

"Both the BioShock PC Patch and the 360 Title Update will be available next week," web admin Elizabeth Tobey wrote on Friday.

"In addition to these fixes, we will be releasing downloadable content free on both Xbox Live and for the PC, with the DLC bundled into the PC Patch.

"A full list of bug fixes and everything included in the DLC will be put up on the Cult of Rapture when the downloads become available."

So, no word yet, then, on what to expect from the DLC, but new plasmids would seem more likely than, say, new levels or other narrative-rupturing goodies. Perhaps they'll take their cues from our BioShock downloadable content predictions a few months ago.

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