Bionic Commando coming in May

To 360 and PS3, with PC to follow.

Capcom has announced the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Bionic Commando will be released in May.

That's according to the Capcom blog, which also reports the PC game will be available "in the following months".

You play as Nathan Spencer, a government operative who sounds exactly like ex-Faith No More singer Mike Patton. He's sentenced to execution for crimes he didn't commit, but is called back into service when an experimental weapon blows up Ascension City.

Nathan has a Bionic Arm, which comes in very handy for combat - you can chuck boulders and cars, for example, use enemies as shields "or whip them into the air, transforming them into a human kite". Gosh. Check out our preview for the full rundown.

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