Big Surf Island costs a tenner

Burnout Paradise add-on out today.

Criterion Games wants 1000 Microsoft Points (GBP 8.50 / EUR 10.20) for Burnout Paradise add-on Big Surf Island, or GBP 9.99 / EUR 12.99 from the PlayStation Store.

The expansion launches today on PS3 and Xbox 360, and opens a whole new area for Burnout Paradise, full of jumps, races, vehicles, challenges and much more.

Burnout Paradise developer Criterion has done a sterling job expanding Paradise City, and was recently confirmed as the studio behind a "revolutionary" take on Need for Speed - not Need for Speed: Shift or Need for Speed: Nitro, for those confused.

Will this mean an end to meaningful Burnout Paradise updates? We hope not. We'll try and find out.

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