Battlestations: Pacific demo on Live today

Try out the multiplayer and everything.

A new demo for Battlestations: Pacific is due to pop up on Xbox Live today.

It'll include a mission from the US campaign titled Divine Winds of Leyte. When a Kamikaze attack is launched on a carrier fleet, it's your job to save the day and find out why Kamikaze pilots wear helmets anyway.

There are also two multiplayer adventures to try out - Island Capture and Siege. You can play them offline in Skirmish mode, a new feature that lets you tackle multiplayer maps in single-player against an AI enemy.

The full game is out on 15th May for PC and Xbox 360. It'll feature a Japanese campaign too, 28 missions and more than 100 air, sea and undersea units. There are also five new multiplayer modes for up to eight players.

Check out the gamepage for previews, videos and more. I.e. news and screenshots.

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