Battlestar game next week

Spin up the FTL.

Auran and Sierra Online's Battlestar Galactica game has finally popped up on DRADIS and should be within purchasing range by the middle of next week.

Fans of the re-imagined TV show - which enters its fourth and final season in the US next month - will be able to warm up for its return on PC from 23rd October and Xbox Live Arcade a day later on 24th October.

The PC version will cost USD 9.99, and will presumably be available from the game's official website, while the XBLA version will go for 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30).

Word is that the game features 10 single-player missions based on popular episodes from the TV series, although probably not the one where Leoben tries to play house with Kara Thrace.

Space combat's the key, of course, and if you're so inclined you'll also be able to take part in various multiplayer modes with up to eight players supported on XBLA and 16 on PC. You can play as either humans or Cylons, which seems a bit unfair since the latter can respawn, unless they're fighting without Resurrection Ships, which would be ludicrous.

Still, not quite as ludicrous as a Battlestar Galactica game exclusively for networked computers. Tsk.

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