Battleground Europe Reader Review

I bought this game online, and played for some time. I can honestly say I was very disappointed with this game.

Let me start with this : Performance is terrible. I have a new high end machine, up to date drivers, etc, and I get from 5-10 FPS (frames per second). Extremely unacceptable. No reason in the world why I should get this terrible performance with my machine. Infantry avatars warp all over, making ranged combat an exercise in futility. Close combat is a joke, you shoot an enemy in the back, he turns and fires, killing you 2 seconds later, then in death cam (if you play FPS you are familiar with this term) you see him drop from your initial shot.

I tried flying. It was about the same. You get anywhere near a battle and your FPS go to pot. You stutter and freeze for seconds at a time, making any type of ground support futile.

The Navy game, if you can even call it that, is severely limited. 3 types of ships : freighters, Destroyers and a type of French river patrol boat. There are 3 different Navy branches (British/French/German), yet they all use the same types of ships (with slightly different paints schemes). Unacceptable. The damage models for said ships are arcadish. These ships have exposed crewmen, but for some reason you cant kill them on destroyers or freighters, and you cant kill the captain of the river patrol boats. Unacceptable.

Back to the air game...The physics model is a joke. I can make a plane HOVER. Yes, HOVER, like a harrier jump jet. That alone should tell you something about the flight model of this game.

The game is dictacted by a high command structure that is manned by players, which means other players tell you when and where to fight. Your freedom to do what you want is extremely limited. You cant attack a town unless you get an attack objective from the HC.

The capture system is ridiculous. You have to stand next to a table in a building while watching a meter fill up to 100%. Most games have a zone of control capture system, not this 'hump a table' mess.

I went into this with an open mind and enthusiam, yet was incredible disappointed from the start.

I urge you to try the free trial (when they run them) to see for yourself, because if I read a review like this I would find it hard to believe that a game with a monthly subscription could be so bad. See for yourself.

1 / 10

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