Average age of gamers is 32, says study

Extreme types play for 48 hours a week.

A new study by research firm NPD has found that the average age of gamers is now 32.

The report, titled Gamer Segmentation 2010, is based on an online survey completed by nearly 19,000 people. It found that the oldest gamers, with an average age of 42, fit into the Avid PC Gamers and Offline PC Gamers categories.

In total, 4 per cent of respondents were classified as Extreme Gamers. They are said to spend 48.5 hours per week playing games. Overall, the average time spent playing games per week is 13 hours.

Other categories identified were Heavy Portable Gamers, Console Gamers, Online PC gamers and Secondary Gamers. Which one are you?

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