Atari brings Trioncube to Europe

Another DS puzzler on the way.

Atari is set to publish Namco Bandai's DS puzzler Trioncube in Europe this June.

Already out in the States, Trioncube is a falling blocks puzzler where the idea is to manufacture huge chains of blocks rather than deleting them.

Faced with the usual rectangular play area, you move blocks down the screen a la Tetris and try and create a 3x3 square.

Once you've done this, you try and add additional blocks to the outer layers of the square in a manner that creates additional 3x3 squares within the matrix of blocks. You continue doing this until you run out of possible chains or run the chain clock down.

If you manage to build a big enough chain, you'll propel Captain Penko's spaceship across the level, hopefully to victory.

You can get a better idea of how it works by examining our Trioncube screenshot gallery for clues.

And if you're that taken with the concept, you could always import it from the US. Judging by the scores it's been picking up there though, you might want to wait and see what we make of it.

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