Assassin's Creed heading to iPhone

Scaling new heights thanks to Gameloft.

An iPhone special from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed an upcoming Assassin's Creed game for the Apple format.

In the words of journalist Anoop Gantayat, who flicked through the mag, the Gameloft-authored port of 2007's medieval hitman adventure will retain "Altair moving about cities, castles and ruins" and "offer the same sense of elevation" as the previous versions.

Altair is apparently controlled by an "on-screen virtual pad" and the same is due out in April or later.

Ubisoft's multi-million-selling assassin won't be the first big-name game to make the transition to iPhone, of course, following in the recently embossed footsteps of Metal Gear's Solid Snake and Namco's Katamari Damacy.

Previous Ubisoft releases for iPhone include Brothers in Arms, Brain Challenge and Guitar Rock Tour.

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