Arx Fatalis Reader Review

Earth clan bad, me not have fish to eat. Please kill earth clan for us

Can't remember correct words of this goblin in the cave but remember that's where I stopped play this game.

You know why? Read this: I play many many game. And many many many game with very very bad story and writing. But never see something like Arx Fatalis in my whole life! Some Ultima Underworld fanboys with programming skills want to make good RPG here. They make very good engine, very much item manipulation and magic system. But then, same guys (I think) do the writing for the story. Result: Dialog looks like C++.

But now the story: I wake up in cell. I lost my memory. I walk out of cell and golbins attack me. I kill them and reach military outpost. Everything blood! Soldier in pain before my eyes almost dead neads help. I want to leave and get help but 50 meters left of the outpost i find a bar. I open door and what I see? People drinking beers having best time in their life. What is this??? Outpost attack everyone dead they need help and people in bar are just drinking beer? They even talk about outpost attack but do nothing. *%"ing egoist human race!!!

Ok, I leave bar and go underground back to goblins. But they not attack me anymore. I even trade gemstones with them with my gem dealer license. Very strange. But I continue. I go to human king to get help. He want me do other stuff for him. I say I dont wanna do it I will only do it when he helps with my lost memory. He says he believe I will remember everything. I say ok then I do it. Hm...strange kind of help.

But I continue. I go underground back to golbins. I visit friendly trolls next to friendly golbins. I visit golbin king and talk to him while he is taking a shit. I help trolls I help golbins and they help me. Ok, I go down one level to mines. Suddenly trolls attack me. I run. Then golbins attack trolls. Trolls attack golbins. Golbins attack me. I attack Trolls total massacre!!! What is this??? Why golbins and trolls attack me? Why golbins attack trolls? Ok, golbins enemies again. I dont understand but I continue. Then I see golbins phishing. I want to attack but they smile at me and start friendly conversation:

Earth clan bad, me not have fish to eat. Please kill earth clan for us

Ok, me want to continue with game but me so confused now feel very sick have to take a break take a shit and think. First, golbins attack, then golbins friendly. Then golbins attack, then golbins friendly again! Something evil *%"ing with their mind? Anyway I never go back to this game so I will never find out. I could tell you more about game but I lost my memory.

Score: Like to give this a 5 but I give this a 6 because this the only game that features gay goblin cook.

6 / 10

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