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Part 2: Reach for the stars.

The Bedroom

Star #1
Bunnies In The Wind
Do you like things that are twee? I mean, really really twee? Then you'll love this level, filled with bunny wabbits and fluffy floaty flower things. Spin near the pink flowers to release some - ahem Floaty Fluff then jump to grab it. You'll be carried along on the wind, and can get three altitude boosts by waggling the Wiimote. Basically just keep moving from planet to planet, either using Floaty Fluff or by killing piranha plants to release vines to spin along. There are plenty of opportunities to stock up on star bits, and it's always worth checking out the underside of each planet as well. When you reach the large purple piranha plant, move towards it then dodge its strike. While it's down, jump on its head to create a launch star. Zip over to the final planet where you're faced with the macho task of catching that silly ickle rabbit. Just keep chasing him - it's easy enough, since he'll wait for you to catch up. Punch him repeatedly in the throat to get the star. Or he may just give it to you. Feel free to imagine the throat-punching part.

Star #2
The Dirty Tricks Of Major Burrows
Great title, infuriating level. Getting rid of moles is the goal here, and you do this by pounding the ground close to where they're digging. They move fast though, so it's often best to head the opposite way and head them off. Once you've cleared the weird Wotsit shaped planet, you'll launch over to a series of apple planets. On the way, if you're quick, you can use the pull stars to stop off at the ring planet covered in thorny vines. There are loads of star bits here, and an extra life. Once you reach the apples, stomp the wooden stakes to create a worm bridge. Do this three times and make your way to the final planet before we meet Major Burrows. Stomp the stump here to get a health boost - you'll need it. Major Burrows is a supermole, and he's menacing a poor rabbit. As with his smaller brethren, you need to stomp the ground to make him pop out and then spin into him. Do this once and he gets mad and starts chasing you. Do it again and he gets really mad and speeds up. Do it a third time and you've got the star. Trouble is, with each round it takes more stomps to get him out of the soil, and Burrows moves faster than Mario so there's only so long you can keep a safe distance. Add in the spiked helmet that makes a mistimed stomp pretty much fatal, and a small planet that makes it hard to keep track of his location, and you've got a boss battle guaranteed to annoy.


Star #3
Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble
This one starts out deceptively easy, before turning into a real headmasher. Set off, as before, using launch stars and vines to move from planet to planet. When you reach the long bobbly planet with rolling boulders, you'll notice a gold Chomp - remember this, we're coming back this way later. For now, keep moving and use the poles to collect the launch star shards. Gravity starts to get weird now, so it looks like to you can't jump from disc to disc, but you can. Leap from the top (or bottom) of the poles and the gravity will pull you across. Then it's time for the real nightmare stuff, as you ascend the yellow blocks. The key thing is that yellow panels are down. That is, they're the floor. Whenever you reach the big green arrows, spin them to flip gravity and tumble you to the next section. Things get hairier when cannonballs are introduced into the mix, but there's plenty of room to dodge in between them. There's even a fairly easy 1Up and health boost to be had, if you fancy it. Once you reach the end, jump across to the crystal and spin it twice to get the star.


BONUS: The Golden Chomp
This secret star is simple enough. Head back into Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble. Remember that gold Chomp? That's our star. How do you get it? You need to hit all the question coins along the way. When flying on the Floaty Fluff, save your altitude boosts for when the Wiimote starts to rumble. This should give you the right height to hit the coins. The ones after that are hard to miss. Get them all and an invincibility power up will appear right over the next launch star - the one off the end of the vine. Get the power up, launch over to the Wotsit planet and steam through those spiky plants to the Chomp. Run into it while invincible and it'll shatter, giving you the star.

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