Kung Fu Chaos hits Xbox


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Microsoft and British developer Just Add Monsters have unveiled Kung Fu Chaos, an anarchic martial arts brawler which is due out on Xbox this fall. The game stars a variety of cartoonish characters, from Xui Tan Sour ("avenger of her father, brother, village and pet goldfish") to Chop & Styx (a samurai with a kid strapped to his back - Mad Max 3 meets New Legend Of Shaolin, perhaps?), with all the over-the-top fight choreography you would expect from a Hong Kong fantasy action movie. Meanwhile the first batch of screenshots from the game show that the settings for all of this martial arts mayhem will range from a dinosaur-infested swamp to the deck of the sinking Titanic. Other features include a "humiliation" system that enables you to taunt your opponent or build up the power of your blows with a series of fancy moves, and to cap it all the game's soundtrack includes 70's cheese-fest Kung Fu Fighting along with music from the classic Bruce Lee movie Enter The Dragon. Funky. Related Feature - Kung Fu Chaos screenshots


The Titanic, and not a Leonardo di Caprio in sight

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