US GameCube launch titles

15 games in total, including several exclusives

Source - C&VG

When the PlayStation 2 launched in Japan last year, it sold nearly one million units in the course of a single weekend. Since then, Sony has shipped twenty million units worldwide. Nintendo's GameCube received a dull reception by comparison, with generous figures putting its weekend sales at a third of Sony's, and the less generous as little as a fifth. But, console launches are unpredictable, and the GameCube made the mistake of launching with three excellent games as opposed to thirty of the lukewarm variety. Nintendo of America aim to make no such mistake though, launching the console on November 18 with 15 games by its side. The Japanese launch titles will be there, along with an assortment from Electronic Arts. Of the various releases, we reckon four at least are exclusive, with the rest no doubt filtering through to rival consoles at about the same time.

Big hitters that weren't there at the Japanese launch include Rogue Leader and SSX Tricky. We also fancy that despite Extreme G3's worldwide PS2 release holdouts will be picking that one up too. We also fancy that Batman Dark Tomorrow will be an interesting title, and inevitably sales-wise the EA offerings will mop up. The second wave of GameCube titles arrives on December 3rd, including Pikmin (out in Japan October 26) and Super Smash Brothers Melee. European GameCube fans not willing to wait until the Spring can look forward to importing GameCube at close to the normal asking price of $199 (135) plus $50 (35) per game. Related Feature - GameCube on schedule

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