Internet Explorer 5.5 released

In a further step forward today for the 'evil' empire Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5.5. According to Microsoft web developers will be doing cartwheels today as IE 5.5 has made their job much easier, Microsoft say, "Internet Explorer 5.5 will make it faster and easier to create rich, Web-based applications and services". For you and me, the home and casual user, IE 5.5 is a joy because it will "make the Web easier to use, how they automate common tasks and how they provide the flexibility to use the Web any way one wants"

Of particular interest to frequent web users Microsoft say, "Internet Explorer 5.5 boosts mean time between failures and fixes stress crashes". The news that IE will crash less is bound to make people want to dance in the streets this evening. I wont deprive to, you owe it to yourself to read this yourself.


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