EA Speaks on Jane's Attack Squadron

Regular readers will have been following the saga of Looking Glass Studios and their unfortunate demise. Well there were a few LGS titles very near completion, one being Jane's Attack Squadron. As we reported some days back a large number of gamers have been trying to get it finished by another developer, as it had looked to be a very good title indeed. Now Jeff Brown, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, has sent CombatSim an official press release on the matter.

The news in the press release is not good for folks looking forward to Jane's - "the recent closure of Looking Glass Studios, along with departure of key creative personnel, has delivered a serious setback". He continues with more bad news, "the project and parties involved have changed significantly and the future of this title is now beyond EA's control. Sadly, we no longer feel EA is capable of publishing this title as originally envisioned."

I have a feeling that is it for JAS unless someone can take the project on which, unfortunately, does not seem likely.


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