Alpha Protocol now down for summer?

Slight slip from spring suggested.

MTV Multiplayer (via Joystiq) reports that Obsidian's espionage RPG Alpha Protocol is now down for a "summer 2010" release.

The last we heard from publisher SEGA was that Alpha Protocol had been delayed from Ocotober last year to spring 2010. SEGA has yet to independently confirm the delay, which would see the game released in the July to September period rather than April to June.

Meanwhile, assistant SEGA producer Matthew Hickman told MTV Multiplayer that the original reasons for the delay were general polish, graphical and feature improvements, and positioning in the release schedule.

"We had a few reasons for doing it," he said. "One: We wanted to position it better, give it a lot of time. The main reason: We really wanted to polish the game up, make it everything Obsidian planned it to be, and give the consumer a very polished game.

"We added a couple of other things. Tweaks in lighting here and there, added the inventory comparison screen so you can compare what you're buying to what you have equipped."

For more on the game check out the Alpha Protocol gamepage.

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