Aliens vs. Predator DLC next week

Special Edition MP maps for all.

SEGA's first lump of downloadable Aliens vs. Predator content will be released on 18th March.

This Swarm Map Pack will cost 540 Microsoft Points (4.60/6.30) on Xbox 360 or 4.79/5.99 on PS3. SEGA has told us the Steam price will be 4.79.

Inside are the four maps offered for free to Special Edition AVP buyers. Two of the maps - Docks, Machine - work across all six competitive multiplayer modes. The remaining two - Outpost, Hive - are maps for the wave-based co-op mode Survivor.

Aliens vs. Predator finished third in the UK All-Formats Chart yesterday, three weeks after release. Only newcomers Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain - plus Ubisoft's best-selling Wii game Just Dance - have displaced AVP.

That's a strong finish for a game with a solid albeit unremarkable critical reception. For the full story, head to our Aliens vs. Predator review.

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