Aion to get western release this autumn

NCsoft taking its time with localisation.

NCsoft has revealed that it plans to release its new MMO Aion: Tower of Eternity - already going great guns in Korea, where it launched late last year - towards the end of the year in the US and Europe.

"We expect to ship Aion in NCsoft West territories in the fall of 2009," said community manager Lani Blazier on the Aion website.

"The localization effort is enormous, with a vast amount of content," Blazier said of the long wait for a western release.

"Aion is not simply being translated, a team of dedicated content writers are re-creating the written dialogue and content to provide AAA quality and to ensure that it is culturally relevant for our audience.

"We are going to do this launch 'right' rather than fast," she said.

Blazier confirmed that, despite the downsizing of NCsoft's European operation in its recent reorganisation into NCsoft West, the game would get dedicated servers and customer support in Europe, in English, German and French.

Blazier promised more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you'll find an exhaustive preview and more at the Aion gamepage.

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