Aion patch 1.9 to overhaul questing, XP

Plus new skills for every class.

NCsoft has revealed what we can expect from the next major update to its MMO Aion.

A significant overhaul of all the character classes, improvements to questing and a faster rate of experience gain - perhaps answering the complaints of many that the game is too "grindy" - are the order of the day.

Every class gets new skills, including skills for countering stun attacks.

There will be "dozens" of new daily quests, new regular quests, better quest rewards and increased item drop rates so they're quicker to complete.

There will also be an increase in experience gain and a new experience bonus system called "Energy of Salvation" to help those levels fly by.

The cost of getting by and getting around - specifically Soul Healing, Soul Binding and Flight Transportation costs - will be reduced, something many Aion players have been praying for since the game launched last year.

Beyond that, there are user interface and looking-for-group improvements, a weapon-combining system for two-handed weapons, increased item enchantments and more.

Sounds like a weighty patch. But what about all those amazing features from the Aion vision video we saw back in November?

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