Activision registers Bond domain names

Bloodstone! GoldenEye!

Activision has registered the website domains "" and "", potentially shedding more light on its plans for everyone's favourite super-spy James Bond.

The publisher declined to comment last week when retailer HMV ran a listing for "James Bond: Bloodstone", supposedly the Bond-themed driving game in development at Bizarre Creations.

Superannuation spotted the domain registrations, and the GoldenEye sighting is equally mysterious and intriguing.

Despite originally being released in 1995, the success of the N64 spin-off game has given the GoldenEye film property greater capital among gamers than many of its franchise neighbours, although EA did its best to ruin all that with the execrable GoldenEye: Rogue Agent a few years ago.

Last week the production of the latest James Bond film - not thought to be linked in plot or detail to Activision's project - was suspended "indefinitely" due to uncertainty over film company MGM's future.

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