Activision sets firm Prototype date

Mutant open-world action for early June.

Activision has told Eurogamer that body-morphing action game Prototype will launch in Europe on 12th June. Do not be fooled by the 5th June shipping date - that's just when it's sent out to retailers.

The date arrives as promotional activity for the New York-based open-world mutant romp picks up; there are new things to look at on the official website and we're expecting more soon.

Prototype is in development for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 at Radical Entertainment, which, you may remember, developed Scarface: The World is Yours.

The game follows Alex Mercer, who wakes up in a research institute with no idea how he got there and no idea what to do with his ridiculous powers. These, we soon find out, let him run over cars, over houses, across roofs and up giant skyscrapers in a post-apocalyptic New York. Not only that, but Mercer can leap off and slam into the ground quite unharmed. He's hard.

He also has an arm that can morph into blades, shields, a bunch of spikes, or an enormous hammer. That's besides his thermal vision, self-generated armour and super-strength. But his best ability is one that consumes other people's powers.

Yes, Prototype is promising, as our hands-on impressions will point out.

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