A Boy and his Blob returns to Wii

Majesco remakes 20-year-old NES classic.

Majesco has announced that it's making a new version of the fondly-remembered NES game, A Boy and his Blob, for the Wii.

The "reimagining" of the vintage platformer is being made by Contra 4 developer WayForward. It's a side-scrolling adventure featuring "hand-drawn and painted animation technology", according to the press release, which sounds like a tautology to us but will probably look nice all the same.

The original A Boy and his Blob: Trouble on Blobonia was authored by Pitfall! Creator David Crane and released in 1989. The new game (which for some reason Majesco is spelling without capital letters, something we refuse to do here) follows much the same lines: you control a boy who befriends a blob from outer space, feeding him jelly beans to transform him into useful tools on the way to saving his home planet of Blobonia from an evil emperor.

A Boy and his Blob will be out later this year in Europe.

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