Scarface dated - in the US

The world is yours on October 8th.

Vivendi Games has announced that its videogame follow-up to classic movie Scarface is due to hit shelves in North America on October 8th, with both a pre-order bonus campaign and a limited edition collector's version of the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC title, Scarface: The World is Yours, on the cards.

We still don't have a European date for the game, nor do we know whether the special edition will appear over here, but Vivendi Games UK confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon that it would be announcing details of the UK launch very soon.

Scarface: The World is Yours takes place after the events of the film - and proposes that potty-mouthed gangster Tony Montana actually survived the events of the movie, and must now rebuild his drugs empire and lavish lifestyle by participating in a variety of GTA-esque missions and crime sprees, both in vehicles and on foot.

US punters who pre-order the game will get a huge print of an "iconic" scene from the movie from merchandise firm LA Pop Art, while those who shell out an extra ten bucks for the limited edition of the game will get a metal case, a making-of DVD, a walk-through with commentary from the producer (which is a bit of an odd choice if you ask us - was the designer off sick on that day?), a map of the locations in the game, concept art and various other bits and bobs.

Vivendi Games also has a Scarface game for the PSP in the works, which has been developed specifically for the handheld platform and goes by the rather self-explanatory moniker of Scarface: Money. Power. Respect. Which is a shame, because that means that Eurogamer overlord Rupert is going to have to think up a new title for the autobiography he's been working on. The PSP version is also due out some time this autumn (that's the PSP version of Scarface, not some kind of bizarre handheld online videogames media empire management sim).

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