505 to Turn It Around for Europe

Bringing Taito DS puzzler here along with four others.

505 Games has told Eurogamer that it plans to bring Japanese puzzle game Mawasunda!! to Europe before the end of June.

It will be called "Turn It Around" here, as it is in the US (where Majesco will publish it this summer), and consists of 24 mini-games that involve turning a wheel on the touch-screen to complete objectives.

These vary from the obvious (rotating a wheel) to those that are a bit less so (controlling an elevator, playing baseball, maintaining your balance on a train), but are generally based on power, technique or speed.

It's been out in Japan for a while, but this will be the first sniff we get of it. Interested parties (wooo!) should expect to pay less than GBP 19.99 for it, and you can admire it a bit more in our first screenshot gallery.

Turn It Around is one of five games that 505 is bringing to DS at budget prices before the end of June, the others being Monster Puzzle, Kameleon, Monster Bomber and New Touch Party Game.

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