2K dates BioShock PS3

Underwater so nobody sees.

The PS3 version of BioShock will be out in Europe on 24th October, which is the same day as Fable II and also my birthday. [If you get to it. - Ed]

As we know, conversion developer 2K Marin has been busy tinkering, and added additional bits to the shooter that took top marks on Eurogamer nearly a year ago.

Chiefly, those are a Survivor difficulty mode that deems you lucky to scrape through battles with a slither of health, PS3 Trophies, plus platform-exclusive downloadable Challenge Rooms.

These lean on the problem-solving abilities of plasmids and will be on show at the Leipzig Games Convention this week, where we hope to pop in for a look.

BioShock, for those oblivious, is a shooter set in an underwater city founded in the 1930s to provide a scientifically-minded society to flourish. Something must have gone wrong.

Head over to the BioShock PS3 gamepage for our thoughts on the game, plus a chat with creator Ken Levine about how it came to be.

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