PUBG Achievements list - all Steam Achievements and expected Xbox One Achievements explained

A quick list of all the new PUBG Steam Achievements, and what we expect for Xbox One.

PUBG Achievements have landed, all of a sudden, thanks to update number 7 to PUBG version 1.0 on PC.

For now, it's just the PUBG Steam Achievements that have gone live, with console players still having to wait a little longer for the official Xbox Achievements to land.

Below, you'll find a full PUBG Achievements list for each one in the game, along with the description of how to get them, and we'll also explain how exactly they work and anything else you need to know about them a little further below.

PUBG Achievements list - all PUBG Steam Achievements and expected Xbox One Achievements

This one speaks for itself! Here's a full list of all the announced achievements now available to be earned from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.


PUBG Achievements List:

AchievementHow to get it
Last SurvivorWin a game 10 times.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Solo.
Dynamic DuoObtain a Chicken Dinner in Duos.
Fantastic FourObtain a Chicken Dinner in Squads.
Top 10Reach the top 10 10 times.
PacifistReach the top 10 without killing anyone.
CQB MasterKill 200 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
CQB ExpertKill 50 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
CQB NoviceKill 10 players with a shotgun, SMG or pistol.
Marksman MasterKill 100 players with an assault rifle or sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.
Marksman ExpertKill 30 players with an asssault rifle or sniper rifle from over 100 meters away.
Marksman NoviceKill 10 players with an assault rifle or sniper rifle from over 10 meters away.
Nade King MasterKill 50 players with grenades.
Nade King ExpertKill 30 players with grenades.
Nade King NoviceKill 10 players with grenades.
Long and Winding RoadKill 1000 players by any means.
Collateral DamageKill 100 players by any means.
Devil Inside MeKill 10 players by any means.
Blood on My HandsKill a player by any means.
The First Rule Is...Kill 20 players with bare hands.
Killing SpreeKill at least 4 players in a single match.
Trigonometry InvolvedHeadshot and kill 10 enemy players with a sniper rifle.
Okay, Now I'm ReadyEquip a Lv. 3 Helmet, Military Vest and Backpack in 10 matches.
First BloodGet the first kill of a match.
Shoot the KneeKill 10 players with the crossbow.
First Come, First ServedLoot 50 items from the carepackage.
Agent 48Kill 50 players with supressed weapons.
Now You See Me, Now You Don'tEquip a ghillie suit for the first time.
AirborneJump out from an airplane 101 times.
Fury RoadKill 10 players with a gun while in a vehicle.
Guardian AngelRevive a knocked-down teammate.
GhostEquip a suppressed weapon in every weapon slot.
Don't Pan Me Bro!Kill another player with the frying pan.
Fast and FuriousKill 10 players by hitting them with a vehicle.
You Complete MeWear the outfit of a dead player.
Cruising with the EnemyGet into a vehicle where an enemy player is already in.
Health JunkieCharge your boost gauge to the max with energy rink and painkiller overdose.
The voice behind The Witcher How a Bournemouth lecturer became Geralt of Rivia. The voice behind The Witcher

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PUBG Xbox Achievements and other things to know

Alright, so Achievements are out in the wild for Steam players - what about PUBG on Xbox?

In brief, the answer is "not yet". Here's what Bluehole said in its Xbox Roadmap for Spring 2018: "e have some great ideas for those players that like an added challenge, and we will be rolling out our achievement criteria as part of our roadmap."

So, no clear date on that just yet - but Spring, in the loosest possible terms, sounds like a decent idea of when we can expect them to arrive.

Given that they're generally something that comes with a game's official launch, and the fact that, in the same update, PUBG's development team noted that Miramar -famously included with PC's version 1.0 - will be coming early Spring, hopefully Achievements won't be too far behind!


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