Pokémon Go Legendary Week event rewards - end date, boosted windy hatches and appearances explained

What the end of Legendary Week means for your hatching and catching.

Pokémon Go Legendary Week is the game's latest event, and the first to centre around Raids and Legendary Pokemon.

The week itself has come to a close, with players catching more Rayquaza from raids than its two companions Kyogre and Groudon - and that means special Legendary Week rewards, in the form of boosted windy hatches for Pokémon in the wild, in Raids, and from Eggs, too.

There's also a boost to XP, which is just the thing for those of you filling up on storage space whilst holding out for an evolution spree, so we'll detail the Legendary Week rewards end date, as well as all the specifics on which Pokémon are more likely to appear in things like Eggs and Raids, in the sections below.

Pokémon Go Legendary Week reward end date, event explained

Legendary Week took place between Friday, February 23rd and Monday, March 5th (so more like ten days than a week!)


Now that it's over, we have a period of rewards running until its end date of Friday, March 16th.

As for the Legendary Week reward end times, it will most likely be ending at 9pm UK time (1pm PST, 4pm EST) - which is when most in-game changes take place.

In terms of the event itself, the week saw three Legendary creatures - Gen 3's Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza - all appear in Tier 5 Raids the duration of the event.

Not only was is it an opportunity for players to catch more of these powerful creatures (Kyogre and Groudon appeared in the game between December and February) - Niantic also counted the number of victories against each Legendary raid boss, with Rayquaza coming on top.

The rewards, then, revolve around a boost to windy weather-based appearances of Pokémon in the Raids and from hatching Eggs between March 5 to March 16.

What are the Rayquaza rewards and Legendary Week bonuses?

The global challenge was based on which Pokémon was most defeated, between Rayquaza, or Kyogre and Groudon.


As it turned out to be more Rayquaza that were defeated, windy weather creatures are more likely to hatch and be found appearing as Raid bosses, and there's a new cycle of Raid bosses available now too (for now, it's not clear if these new bosses are just for the duration of the event or beyond - we expect they're here to stay for a little while though). Here's an explanation of the specifics:

Wind-boosted Egg hatches

2km Eggs5km Eggs10km Eggs

Boosted XP:

Snuck in at the end of the rewards announcement was the fact that, throughout the event, everything in-game rewards 2x XP!

New Raid Bosses and boosted windy spawns:

There's a new roster of bosses in tiers 2-4, and bosses that are affected by windy weather conditions are more likely to appear than the others, too. Here's the set of currently active Raid bosses, and if they're boosed by the weather:

TierBossWeather Boosted?
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Looking for more Pokémon go tips and tricks? The latest events are Legendary Week and the return of Party Hat Pikachu for Pokémon Day, with the next Community Day to come in March. There are also even more Raid bosses out in circulation now, and these follow the final wave of Gen 3 Pokémon arriving in February, which introduced Castform and Swablu, as well as changes to 2km, 5km and 10km Egg charts, region exclusives, Buddy distances and Shinies. Ever-expanding Pokédex completionists, meanwhile, might want to read about the various Special Items available as well as the various methods for determining Eevee evolutions, too.

What else you need to know about Legendary Week rewards in Pokémon Go

So, any standouts here or things to bear in mind? Well, in terms of hatching, Swablu is probably the most interesting one in 2km Eggs, thanks to the chance of it hatching as a Shiny, otherwise Exeggcute's evolution Exeggutor is still a very handy battler in the current meta.

Five kilometer Eggs have some rare Pokémon like Girafarig and Wynaut, and best of all the 10km Eggs feature Dratini, Ralts, Bagon and Beldum, which all evolve into three-stage evolution Pokémon (so the candy is welcome) and all of those Pokémon are very competitivtely viable. Plus, Chimecho is super rare in the wild!

Super incubators are back "on sale" at their standard price in the store - remember that these aren't cost efficient, mathmetically, unless you have incubators on all nine Eggs at once. That said they are still more efficient if you don't care about cost, and do care about hatching as many Eggs as you can within the time limit of the event.

As for getting the most out of the boosted XP, it's worth taking a look at our XP farming guide to make sure you know how to grind out those Pidgies if you're not up to speed on that classic method yet. Otherwise, stock up on Pokémon to evolve and be sure to do them before the event ends on the 16th.

Finally, be sure to pop a Lucky Egg before taking on Raids, the higher the tier the better - you can get 40,000 XP from beating on Rayquaza!


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