Monster Hunter World - Odogaron strategy, Odogaron weakness explained and how to get Odogaron Fang, Claw, Tail, Sinew and Scale

Beat the speedy and hard-hitting Odogaron.

Odogaron is a mid-game creature that might cause you some trouble in Monster Hunter World's Rotten Vale.

Whether you're tackling it in the wild or as part of the key quests, there are a number of Odogaron strategies and weaknesses to learn about, and when you're ready, the many ways to get Odogaron Fang, Claw, Tail, Sinew and Odogaron Scale.

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How to prepare for Odogaron the first time

If you've managed to take down a Legiana, then Odogaron should be doable with your current armour set. That said, with this and another tough battle to follow, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade your armour for the final time before you soon hit High Rank.

We'd recommend a full stock on Mega Potions as usual, as well as some regular Potions too, so you can replenish your health a little after encountering some mandatory poison environments - as well as the Ghillie Mantle, which can help offset one of Odogaron's attacks.

Though not essential, bringing Astera Jerky (which you can purchase from Astera's shop) is helpful to cure Odogaron's bleeding status effect.


Odogaron location

Odogaron is a level or so down from where you begin. Head to the Central Camp in area 11, drop down outside, and it should be close by.

Odogaron weakness and strategy

Odogaron weaknesses:

  • Fire - Low
  • Water - Low
  • Thunder - Medium
  • Ice - High
  • Dragon - Null
  • Poison - Low
  • Sleep - Medium
  • Paralysis - High
  • Blast - Medium
  • Stun - Medium

If you thought Anjanath hit hard and fast, then you're in with a treat with Odogaron. Odogaron moves across areas extremely quickly, to the point where tracking one down can feel almost like a horror game, suddenly appearing out of nowhere to give you a jump, and disappears just as fast when you have hurt it enough.

It will also lunge and swipe at you at speed, but one-on-one, there's no huge surprises here; stay at its side to avoid attacks from in front and the rear, and only attack with a couple of hits rather than full combos to avoid getting into a lengthy animation that could leave you open to attack.

Staying nimble is key here, and as long as you are focused, you can avoid attacks and deliver your own effectively.

Speed is one of the two factors that make Odogaron unique. The other is how it can whittle down your health outside of regular attacks. One is the a bleeding status effect, where if you are hit, every time you move you will lose health.

Aside from avoidance being the best tactic here, try and back away out of sight, crouch and stay still until the bleeding spot (the Ghillie Mantle helps here) keeping an eye on your health and surrounding foes while you can.

Alternatively, eating an Astera Jerky will help.

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As you progress into the fight, Odogaron will lure you into poison-filled areas. Like with a regular poison status effect, you need to ensure your health is topped up regularly, as if you are hit and it goes down to critical levels, chances are you'll die before you can drink a Potion.

Regular Potions here prove quite useful in making sure your health stays above halfway at all times, without wasting a full strength Mega Potion.

Finally, there are other monsters large and small to look out for. During our fight we ran into several groups, and though Odogaron is distracted, other creatures might set their sights on you.

Be very evasive here, and wait until Odogaron moves into a position where its on its own again before you continue the fight.

How to get Odogaron Fang, Claw, Tail, Sinew and Odogaron Scale

The following materials are available from Odogaron depending on what you break off, carve or receive as a reward:

Odogaron Low Rank materials list:

  • Odogaron Fang (Head broken; also dropped, carved)
  • Odogaron Claw (Forelegs broken; also carved, reward)
  • Odogaron Tail (Tail carved; also reward)
  • Odogaron Sinew (Legs broken; also carved, reward)
  • Odogaron Scale (carved, reward)
  • Other quest rewards: Monster Bone Plus, Nourishing Extract

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