Monster Hunter World Plunderblade quest - How to unlock the Plunderblade from the Rotten Vale with Raw Meat

How to get the material-increasing Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World's Plunderblade is one of the more desirable upgrades, allowing your Palico to farm additional materials from monsters as you are hunting.

It is one of many upgrades you'll receive for your Palico, the rest of which we outline on more detail on our Grimalkynes and Doodles page.

Elsewhere, our Monster Hunter World tips can help you decide when to farm, what to forage and what to do between hunts, and our Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide can help with main quest and story progress.

What is the Plunderblade?

The Plunderblade is a Palico Gadget that sees your companion 'steal' bonus parts from monsters as you are fighting them.

During a hunt, you'll see messages saying if your Palico is about to attempt to steal some parts, as well as whether it was successful or not.


It's all automated, so there's nothing you have to do once it's equipped. As you level it up, the more proficient your Palico will be at stealing materials from monsters, but even at the lower levels it can grab one to three materials per hunt - which could be enough to get the armour upgrade you've been saving for.

There is also an upgrade on the way - the Palarang - which will break off a material for you to collect mid-hunt. Keep an eye on your Palico's commands to make sure you don't miss anything.

Note by using the Plunderblade, you are denying yourself some of the more defensive Palico Gadgets such as the Vigorwasp, and as such, possibly make fights more difficult.

That said, monster materials are the lifeblood of the game's progression, so the faster you get materials, the better your capabilities will be!


A successful Plunder in action.

How to get the Plunderblade from the Rotten Vale using Raw Meat

The Plunderblade is a reward from the Grimalkynes quest in the Rotten Vale. If you haven't already investigated them, it's worth doing so - each unlocks a Palico Gadget and a new monster Tailraider for your Palico to recruit.

It's worth worth noting that it's assumed you need to complete these in order of area, with Ancient Forest being first and the Rotten Vale coming last. So if you cannot make this Grimalkyne trigger, then it might be worth going back and doing each one in sequence.


You also need Raw Meat to complete this quest. You might already have this in your Item Box from other quests, but if you need some, take down some Aptonoth (the small monsters roaming the opening area of the Ancient Forest) and you'll get some from carving.

To get started, head to the Rotten Vale in Expedition mode and visit area 13, which is at the bottom-most level. The easiest way to get there is by travelling to Central Camp 11, then dropping down and taking a left. You'll be in an area with a giant ribcage in the middle - go round that, up the small step and into the enclosed area. It should also have a Legiana Corpse there.

Once inside, you should see a Grimalkyne - it won't appear on your map unlike previous Grimalkyne encounters - who should then run away.

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Once it has fled, go to area 15. To get there, from this small cavern where you saw the Grimalkyne, if you hug the wall going west (right if you are facing out) you'll quickly come across a cave system. Take a right here to a dead end, where the Grimalkyne will be.


It'll flee again, but won't disappear entirely, and instead sit on a shelf high above. Your Palico will explain it is hungry - giving you a hint what to do next.


Run straight ahead and get as close to the Grimalkyne as you can, and drop some Raw Meat (select it from your quick menu, and 'use' it to place on the ground).

If you don't have any Raw Meat on you, fast travel to a camp, enter the tent and manage your inventory so you can get some from your Item Box supply, then come back. The Grimalkyne won't disappear while you are gone.

When you have placed the Raw Meat back away to the edge of this cave, and the Grimalkyne will come down and eat it. After a short scene where other Grimalkynes join in, you'll have a cutscene, and be given the Plunderblade as a reward.

And, as with other Grimalkyne quests, be sure to talk to your Palico (attempt to change its costume or weapon) to be told it can now recruit Girros as a Tailraider.

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