Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event - start date, Watcher Lens explained and what we know about the Aloy armour set

What you need to know about Horizon Zero Dawn's event in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World's Horizon Zero Dawn event allows you to unlock unique Palico and hunter armour sets themed on Guerrilla Games' PS4 exclusive.

One part of the collaboration is has been concluded - the Palico Watcher armour - with the Aloy set set to come at a later date.

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What you need to know about the Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event and Aloy start date

The game's first special events have a few stipulations:

  • PS4 exclusivity - with Horizon Zero Dawn being a PS4 exclusive game, this event and its related rewards are only available on PS4. Sorry Xbox players!
  • Limited availability - the first part, The Lessons of the Wild, event was only available until 8th February 2018, and Aloy's set will be similarly limited. The second part, 'The Proving', starts 28th February 2018, and is likely to be similarly limited:
  • Rank requirement - You need to be a Hunter Rank of 6 to participate. This is somewhere around the Coral Highlands area of the game; you can see our Monster Hunter World walkthrough to see how far through the game you need to progress, if you're curious.

It's unknown if and when both events will return to the game, so it's worth unlocking their rewards as they arrive to be safe.

What we know about the Aloy set in Monster Hunter World's Horizon Zero Dawn event

With the 'Watcher Lens' and Palico part of the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration complete, next up is the Aloy set, starting February 28.

As with the Watcher Lens, we also imagine you'll need to run a new event multiple times in order to unlock the new set. We also don't know its power, whether it can be upgraded, or whether it'll have a High Rank variant.


We do know the armour set can be equipped by Male and Female Hunters.

We'll be updating this page as soon as we know more.

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How to complete the Lessons of the Wild event and unlock the Watcher Lens

Note the following event has concluded, but could appear again at a later date.

To start the event, make sure you have the latest patch installed and have connected online.

Next, head to Astera and investigate the Quest board. Now scroll down the bottom and select Events. Next, choose the Lessons of the Wild event.


The quest itself is very straightforward. It's set in the arena, and you must slay 8 Barnos. These are small monster drakes that take just a few hits to take down.

When you get close they should swoop to your position, allowing you to get going with a melee weapon.


Otherwise, you have the benefit of a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku there with you. Its blinding attack can knock down any floating drakes, so use this to your advantage to get some easy kills in. You don't have to kill the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, so feel free to otherwise ignore it.

There will be more Barnos than you need to finish the quest (if you run out, more should spawn elsewhere in the arena). Once you have slain the eighth, the quest will be over.

Upon finishing, you'll receive a Watcher Lens. This is one of the components required to craft the Watcher Palico equipment.


Head to the Smithy, then Forge Palico Equipment, and you'll have two options:

  • Full Armour Sets: Felyne Watcher Head + Body (Watcher Lens x2, Dragonite Ore x3)
  • Forge Palico Equipment: Watcher Grinder (Watcher Lens x1, Electro Sac x1)

This means as well as the additional materials, you'll need to run this quest a total of three times in order to get enough Watcher Lens materials to build everything.


It'll be worth it, though - as well as being one of the more unique Palico armours in the game, it stacks up fairly well against armour you might have around this rank, with a combined 218 defence.

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