Sea of Thieves error messages - what we know about the Too Early error, kiwibeard error and more

Struggling to get into Sea of Thieves? Here are the known issues and resolutions available so far.

Sea of Thieves error messages are things you'll probably encounter if there's some kind of issue getting into a game.

It's normally a connection issue, but whether that's at your end or developer Rare's will probably depend on each case.

Here, we'll be explaining the most common error codes and messages to appear so far, starting with Sea of Thieves' Too Early error that's been popping up in the closed beta. For other Sea of Thieves treasure troves of info, tips and tricks, set sail for our guides to the how to install and download Sea of Thieves, plus how progression, reputation and Commendations work in Sea of Thieves and everything you need to know about the Sea of Thieves beta.

Sea of Thieves error codes: what we know about the Too Early error KiwiBeard error and others so far

So far, there's been one particularly well-known error message for Sea of Thieves, which has come from the closed beta this January: the "Too Early" error.


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Too Early - This error appears for players who pre-ordered Sea of Thieves through the Microsoft or Xbox digital stores directly. If you pre-ordered through another retailer, like Amazon or GAME for example, then it seems as though you probably won't suffer from the problem.

Sea of Thieves developer Rare has thankfully responded to the issue, albeit with a "sit tight" message for now. Here's what they've said so far:

On 25th January 2018, Rare partially fixed the issue, offering this thread of tweets as explanation:

After that, they also announced an extended Sea of Thieves closed beta end date to allow a couple extra days of availability for players who couldn't get into the beta so far.

There is, also, a supposed (and unofficial) workaround, suggested by redditor EZMONEYSNP3R. It's not exactly an ideal solution but it may help if you're still encountering issues after the fix from Rare. We haven't tested this ourselves, so proceed with caution.

The Too Early error is arising only for those who pre-ordered through Xbox or Windows, so the proposed solution from other players is that you cancel your Xbox or Microsoft pre-order of the game, and then pre-order it again but from a second-party retailer like those we mentioned above.

With confirmation of that order you'll get a closed beta code, which you can enter (we explain how in our guide to installing Sea of Thieves, which can be awkward thanks the Microsoft Store...) and then regain access once more.

As we said, we haven't confirmed this ourselves yet, so proceed with caution and make sure, if you still want to go back to your digital pre-order after the beta, that you won't lose any deposits if you cancel again.

Otherwise, that's just about it - sit tight, cross your fingers and hope that Rare will bump a few extra hours onto the end of the closed beta to make up for lost time.

Other Sea of Thieves error codes: KiwiBeard, CinnamonBeard, BronzeBeard, AvocadoBeard and more

Aside from the prominent "Too Early" issue players are facing, there are also a slew of other error codes that you might be struggling with, too. Here;s a quick breakdown of what they mean and how to work around them, if it's possible at all:


  • Caused By: Either the servers being closed, you having more than one Gamertag signed in on your console, or you haven't actually been invited to join the beta.
  • Solution: Check there is actually a beta running at the time, and sign out of any other Gamertags on the console too.

CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard

  • Caused By: An issue connecting you to the game.
  • Solution: Quit Sea of Thieves completely, then reload it and try to connect again.


  • Caused By: You don't have an Xbox Live Gold membership.

AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard and CyanBeard

  • Caused By: A dropped connection to Xbox Live or the Sea of Thieves servers - check your internet connection.


  • Caused By: Your game is in need of an update, so check for any available ones and install them.


  • Caused By: "Something has happened" at Sea of Thieves' end of the connection, so check the service status on the Sea of Thieves website.


  • Caused By: The servers are currently down for maintenance or an update, or there isn't an open beta running at the time.


  • Caused By: Antivirus or Firewall settings, VPNs or proxy servers. Try disabling anything that could be interfering with your connection, as long as it's safe to do so.


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