The Overwatch League has its first female player

"World's Best Zarya" Geguri joins Shanghai Dragons.

The Overwatch League has its first female player.


Kim Se-Yeon, aka Geguri.

Shanghai Dragons announced the signing of 19-year-old Korean Kim Se-Yeon, aka Geguri, who mains Zarya, D.Va and Roadhog.

You might remember Geguri as the 17-year-old who in 2016 was reported to Blizzard Korea and targeted by two Korean Overwatch pros who were convinced she was hacking the game. It turned out, she was just incredible at Blizzard's team-based hero shooter.

Two years later, Geguri is a fully paid-up member of an Overwatch League Team - and she certainly deserves her shot. Geguri's Zarya win rate reached an incredible 80 per cent on the Korean server at one point, resulting in the community giving her nicknames like "World's Best Zarya" and "God Zarya".

Geguri's arrival is good news for Shanghai Dragons and good news for The Overwatch League, which has suffered criticism for its lack of diversity (we recently explored this issue in a feature titled Overwatch the game versus Overwatch the esport).

Stage One of the Overwatch League inaugural season ended last week after five weeks of play. Stage Two begins on 22nd February, when the Shanghai Dragons, who lost all 10 of their Stage One matches, play Dallas Fuel.

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