Sea of Thieves installation - how to download Sea of Thieves on PC and Xbox One and redeem your Sea of Thieves code

Downloading the Sea of Thieves beta is awkward, so here's how to do it step-by-step.

The Sea of Thieves installation method, especially on PC, is a bit awkward.

Here on this page then you'll find our quick and dirty guide explaining how to install Sea of Thieves on PC and Xbox One just in time for the closed beta, along with any other useful info you need isntallation process in general.

For other Sea of Thieves treasure troves of info, tips and tricks, set sail for our guides to the Sea of Thieves closed beta for details on things like start and end times, what to expect from it and how to gain access to it, along with our guide to the Sea of Thieves error messages and Too Early error you may be encountering, plus how progression, reputation and Commendations work in Sea of Thieves too.

How to install Sea of Thieves on PC - how to redeem your Sea of Thieves code and more

There are several steps involved with installing Sea of Thieves on PC, so here's how to do it with some nice pictures to make it a little clearer, too:

1. Go to the Microsoft Store (search for it in your taskbar if it's hard to find).

2. Make sure you're signed in, and in the top right click the "..." symbol and "Redeem a code" from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter your code from there - if you pre-ordered the game directly from the Microsoft or Xbox Store it'll already be in your library so you can skip this step.

4. Click throught the "Next" and "Confirm" pop-ups.

5. What you should be able to do now is go to the "My Library" tab on the same drop-down menu as before, and select "Install" for the game from there. That option didn't appear for us, so if you have the same issue, continue on below...

6. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub in the Microsoft Store and install it.


7. Open the Xbox Insider Hub and click on the "Insider Content" tab on the left. Select "Join".


8. Under "Available" will be Sea of Thieves PC - it was labelled "Technical Alpha" for us, but don't mind that. Click on it.


9. Select "Join" and accept the Terms and Conditions.

10. The Microsoft Store will then pop back up and show this page, with an Install button. Select that, and it'll start downloading. When it's done you can launch the game from there!


How to install Sea of Thieves on Xbox One

Here's how to do get everything installed for Sea of Thieves on Xbox One:

1. Head to the Home screen by pressing the Xbox button on your controller and head to Store from there.

2. Select "Use a Code" - as with the PC version above, if you pre-ordered this directly from the Xbox Store it'll already be in your library, and you don't need to enter a code. The code's just for people who pre-ordered from non-Microsoft retailers.

3. Select "Next" and then go to your "My Games and Apps" section on the console.

4. It'll be under the "Ready to Install" section there, where you can select it and install, and you're away!


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