Monster Hunter World multiplayer explained: How to party up, join or create multiplayer games

How to get playing with other people in the beta.

Much of the fun in Monster Hunter is the co-op multiplayer, allowing you to team up with up to three other players and battle it out against overwhelming odds.

While the basic mechanics remain the same as in single player, the addition of other players provides a great opportunity to go farming for precious loot - with four players in the mix you can take out a lot more monsters in a short space of time than going solo - and it's the only way to get the extra special rewards gained by defeating an Apex monster.

If you're after more help, our Monster Hunter World beta guide and tips gives you an overview of how tackle missions against Great Jagras, Barroth and Anjanath, and we explain which weapon types are best for you.

How to party up, join or create multiplayer games in Monster Hunter World

The process is a little counterintuitive and can be frustrating if you're using matchmaking, so here's a quick rundown of the process:

  • The first step is to choose which quest you want to play, and where you'd like to spawn, so if you're arranging a match with friends all this needs to be sorted ahead of time - you can't make a party and then decide what to do. If you've not pre-arranged a match with friends and are instead planning on joining a public game this can be a little frustrating as the players may end up spawning in different corners of the map.
  • Once in the Multiplayer menu, if you're not fussy hit Matchmake and the game will attempt to place you in a match.
  • The next option is to Create Your Own Quest. If you're planning on playing with friends, this is the place to go - set the match type to Private, hit Finish, and then give the Quest ID to the other players; they'll need to go to Search By Quest ID and enter the magic number.
  • If matchmaking fails, or you want to specifically play with players of a particular skill level or language, choose Search By Criteria. Pick your options, and the game will list all available matches that fit your criteria.

How to get the most out of Monster Hunter World multiplayer

Given the short lifespan of the beta there's a fair chance you'll have to rely on matchmaking rather than being able to schedule a match with friends, so engaging in any sort of tactical play may be tough.

Most of our attempts ended up with players quitting after a few minutes or just running headlong into the wilderness like a crazy person - but if you do manage to assemble a party it's worth having a clear goal, assigning roles, making a plan, and balancing your loadouts appropriately.

If you're planning on facing off against Diablos or Rathalos it's particularly important that everyone sticks to the agenda as there's little room for heroics!


Sadly we didn't have much luck getting a party together, but if you manage it then here's a few tips based on experience with previous games in the series:

  • Set aside a good chunk of time. While a successful fight won't take long in and of itself, unless you're supremely lucky there will be a lot of failed attempts beforehand.
  • Make a couple of runs just to gather intelligence - working out what strengths and weaknesses your foe has, learning their routes as they move from location to location, finding places that allow you to use the environment to your advantage, etc. - before making any serious attempt to tackle them.
  • Familiarise yourself with the lay of the land, paying particular attention to how to get from the Camps to the monster's various locations, as you'll likely be fainting and having to make your way back to the battle regularly and getting lost on the way is embarrassing.
  • Don't be afraid to abandon a fight if you're running out of time; it may seem like a waste of time to quit after 15 minutes and start again, but it's less of a waste of time than keeping on for another five minutes even though you know you're going to fail!
  • On the flipside, don't give up. These fights are designed to be tough, and they reward players who have the patience to keep trying.


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