Pokémon Go Weather effects system explained: Benefits and boosts you can expect during Sun, Cloudy, Snow, Fog, Rain and Windy weather

Whether rain or shine, expect to see interesting changes to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Weather effects add something new to consider when going out to look for Pokémon in the wild.

Whether it's raining, sunny or just plain cloudy, different Pokémon will appear based on your local weather, and give boosts to certain Types related to how it's looking outside - so expect Fire Types to be that little bit stronger when the sun is out.

Though we don't know the full extent of how weather will change the way we play, we have a good idea of the many benefits it will bring.

What are Pokémon Go Weather effects?

For the first time in the game, as well as your geographical surroundings (such as bodies of water) affecting the types of creatures that spawn, the local weather will change what creatures you see and how they behave.

Weather effects will impact the game in four ways:

  • New visual effects
  • Seeing different Pokémon Types spawn
  • Certain Types will be more effective in battle
  • Increases to Stardust when catching certain Types by 25 percent

There are a total of six weather effects confirmed by creator Niantic, and could see creatures become far more common - or rarer - depending on where you live, and could have interesting dynamics on the game's meta - from which creatures are more popular based on climate, through to how powerful they are during certain seasons.


Pokémon Go Weather effects release date

Though the feature was unlocked alongside the rollout of 50 Gen 3 creatures, it won't join them in early December - and instead "will start rolling out toward the end of the month", according an interview with The Verge.

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Pokémon Go Weather effects boosts and benefits

There are a total of six weather effects confirmed by Niantic, each boosting certain Types with increased spawns, effectiveness in battle and bonus Stardust when caught.

WeatherTypes Boosted
Cloudy ???
Fog Dark, Ghost
Rain Water, Electric, Bug
Snow Ice, Steel
Sun / Clear Grass, Ground, Fire
Windy Dragon, Flying, Psychic

Thanks to The Silph Road subreddit for filling in the gaps on the above.

As you can see, Cloudy benefits have yet to be revealed (keeping those in the UK on their toes) while it's assumed so far that Sunny and Clear will have the same boosts to Grass, Ground and Fire types.

There are also a few things we don't know about weather effects so far:

  • If there will be any Pokémon exclusive to specific weather types (making them potentially region exclusive, based on your climate)
  • How frequent the weather effects will change
  • How localised weather effects are
  • How significant the boosts during battle will be

Meanwhile, the latest APK leak (via the Silph Road subreddit suggests there could be different levels of rain and cloud; whether these change the strength of boosts is yet to be seen.

One thing we do know, thanks to an interview with The Verge, is that creatures won't see status decreases as a result of the weather - such as fire types performing worse in the rain, meaning everything will perform no worse than it was before the new feature.

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