I am Setsuna follow-up Lost Sphear now has a demo on Switch, PS4, and PC

Finders keepers.

A demo for Square Enix's upcoming I am Setsuna successor Lost Sphear is now available to download in Europe and North America on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

Lost Sphear tells the story of Kanata, a self-taught swordsman who wakes one day to find that his hometown is disappearing. As tends to be the case with these things, it's up to Kanata and friends to thwart the forces of evil and restore the world.

Lost Sphear is the second title from Square's Tokyo RPG Factory, and, like I am Setsuna before it, is a heavily nostalgic take on the classic J-RPGs of the 90s. It shares a similarly delicate aesthetic to its predecessor but, to my eyes at least, looks to have more personality - what with the pyramids and pirate ships and smoggy Victorian cityscapes and such - than the pretty but ultimately rather bland I am Setsuna.

To celebrate the arrival of Lost Sphear's demo, Tokyo RPG Factory has recorded a special video message for fans. Make sure the subtitles are turned on for the English translation.

Lost Sphear is due to release in digital form on the PlayStation Store, Switch eShop, and Steam on Januray 23rd, 2018. There'll also be a limited edition physical release on console.

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