Black Friday 2017: Save 20% on Pikachu hats, Destiny 2 jumpers, Assassin's Creed wristblades and more

Make a killing with these merch deals.

Black Friday week isn't just about TVs and consoles and rushing to capitalise on some poor soul's stock-listing error. It's about gifts, and family. Accordingly, you might like to check out the various goods on sale over at Yellow Bulldog, which includes a lot of reasonably good gaming merch and is offering 20% off everything on the site for Black Friday - just enter the code BLACK20 at the checkout.


This includes a variety of adorable Pikachu hats and socks, Destiny gifts including a magnificently tasteless Christmas jumper with the Traveller on it, and a selection of Assassin's Creed merch including your very own wristblade. That's not all, either - there's all sorts of stuff available, from Fallout mugs and onesies to Star Wars Christmas decorations.

Take a look - don't forget, you've got to enter the code BLACK20 at the checkout to get the discount. The code is valid for today only - it'll stop working at midnight on Friday 24th November. You can find other, less time-limited deals on our pages of Nintendo Black Friday deals, PS4 Black Friday deals, and PC Gaming Black Friday deals. We're going to keep updating them all day, because we're diligent that way.

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