A cheeky To the Moon 2 parody and a Finding Paradise release date


Oh, To the Moon! What a wonderfully touching exploration of human life, dressed up like simple Japanese role-playing game from '90s, that was. A few hours of game which will stay with me for years.

Now - finally - creator Kan Gao and his very small team at Freebird are ready to release the follow-up...

No, it's not To the Moon 2 really, as the trailer jokingly suggests, and no it doesn't have loot boxes and explosions and alien baddies. That was Kan Gao's cheeky little joke. The real game is Finding Paradise, and it's coming out 14th December on PC and Mac.

Finding Paradise is the second full episode in the To the Moon series (there have been smaller spin-offs like A Bird Story), an episode which tells a standalone story you can come cold to. Once again we'll follow two special doctors venturing into the mind of a dying patient, attempting to reconstruct the memories within, in order to satisfy a life's unfulfilled wish.

There's no word on price yet but To the Moon was originally around Ł7, depending on the store. However, To the Moon is currently discounted on Steam, down a chunky 75 per cent to Ł1.74.

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