Super Mario Odyssey - First world, meeting Capy and how to beat the first Irish Broodal

How to complete the Cap Kingdom objective.

Capy's Kingdom and your first encounter with the Irish Broodal are the first sort-of objectives you'll encounter in Super Mario Odyssey.

You'll find our full walkthrough for them here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Capy - the first area

Welcome to Capy Kingdom!

First up, run to the hill on your left, then follow Capy as he moves towards the bridge. Run over the bridge and speak to Capy. He'll then transform into Mario's red cap. You can now throw him by pressing 'Y'.

Turn right at the bridge and jump down to the ledge behind the hat-shaped house. Throw your hat at the Bowser poster to reveal some coins. Then do the same at the wooden stopper to your right to reveal a 2.5D cave full of coins.

Every house in the area has a metal pole above it. Jump up and throw Capy at it to release some coins. There's also a wooden stopper right in front of the bridge that will release lots of coinage.

There posters and stoppers all over this area if you're looking to farm coins. Once you're done, head to the far right-hand side of the area and climb up two levels. Throw Capy at the switch to raise the bridge, then head on over and deal with the three Goombas. Throw Capy at the door to enter.

Inside Top Hat Tower, jump across the pool, then throw your cap at one of the three Frogs. You'll now possess the frog and be able to jump to incredible new heights. Use it to jump through the golden hoops above you, then on the platform above.

Jump across, then onto the next ledge and press 'RZ' to de-possess the frog and open the chest to your right - inside you'll find another full gauge of health. Open the door with Capy to move onto the next area.

Follow the path around the outside of the tower, then follow the ramp covered in coins up to reach the boss battle.

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How to beat Irish Broodal

The boss will start with three green, spiked hats on his head. Hit him three times to release all three hats - these will now start spinning around the platform. Jump on top of the boss to hurt him.

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He'll now jump into one of the hats. Hit each one to restart the process. Repeat two more times to beat him. When he's toast, jump onto the electrified pole that appears (this is a Spark pylon) to move onto the next kingdom.


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