LA Noire - Nicholson Electroplating

How to solve the Arson desk case.

LA Noire's Nicholson Electroplating is one of many cases on the Arson desk - and a DLC case in the original release - and follows on from A Polite Invitation.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit. Otherwise, here's how to solve Nicholson Electroplating.

Nicholson Electroplating

Massive conspiracies or not, there's still important police work to be done...

Location: Blast Site

Drive to the blast site at the western end of Oakland Ave. Take it slowly - there are a lot of pedestrians and drivers heading the opposite direction with careless abandon and it's easy to have an accident or six that'll lower your score.


  • Examine the bodies on the gurneys.
  • Go down the path past the mayor and TV crew, take a right turn, and follow the path to the end. Examine the two pieces of metal and line the words up to earn the trophy The Nose Knows.
  • Head back and take a right and examine the small piece of burned shirt.
  • Go to the end of the path and look at the locker.
  • Examine the briefcase, and look at the camera, earring, business card, and note.
  • Point to the brass wheel, and rotate the inner ring so the H on the outside lines up with the K on the inside, then rotate the outer wheel to point to the letters in the coded message on the note - the decoded text will appear in the top left of the screen as you go.

Head back towards your car.

Interview Nicholson:

  • Nicholson Planet Explosion: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Whereabouts of Okomoto: Accuse (or Lie in the original version). Evidence: Spy Camera.
  • Whereabouts of McLellan: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).

Use the gamewell to the east along Oakland.

Location: Deciphered Address


  • Examine the mailboxes to find the apartment number.
  • Examine the refrigerator.
  • Examine the body and look at the head and both arms to find the Ring and Wristwatch.
  • Examine the LAPD tie clip in front of the fireplace.
  • Head into the bedroom and examine the earring on the shelf in the far corner.

Finding all the clues will earn you the Skeletons in the Ice Box trophy.

Location: Superior Laundry Services

Examine the ledger and use the laundry tag number J2620 to find the name Oscar Hangstrom.

Use the gamewell across the street.

Location: Hughes Aircraft

Interview Vernon:

  • Nicholson Plant Explosion: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Whereabouts of Okomoto: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Whereabouts of McLellan: Accuse (or Lie in the original version). Evidence: Prop Spinner.

Head up the stairs and into the office and examine the two photos in the back, then return to the hangar.


  • Examine the engines towards the rear of the plane.
  • Examine the barrels next to the steps leading into the nose of the plane.
  • Head into the plane, climb the ladder, and look at the Navigation Notes on the wall.
  • Sit at the chair and dial in the coordinates - 24 15' by 76 00'

Location: Police Station

Speak to the cop at the front desk then go downstairs to technical services.

Examine the pictures and zoom in on them to reveal the following details:

  • Picture of you: nothing.
  • Man by Car: watch and ring.
  • Hughes and Vernon: tie clip.
  • Notes: top of the page.
  • Two guys walking: the two guys.
  • House: house number.

Move to the other side of the desk and examine the microfilm.

Location: House In The Photograph


  • Examine the gas on the floor.
  • Examine the ticket and the passport on the clothes stand in the bedroom.

When the fire starts, shoot the gas canister by the stove and then follow your partner out through the window.

Jump in your car and chase Vernon; he'll be joined by a couple of cars full of military police who'll take a stab at slowing you down, but if you can stay on his tail all the way on your first try you'll earn the Out of the Frying Pan trophy.

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Location: Hughes Aircraft

This was never going to end well. Things start off with a shootout near the gates; keep an eye on your minimap, and if you see a car approaching try and take out the driver quickly - the trophy Bullet Proof Windshield is yours if you can kill two of them before they get out of their cars.

Head into the hangar and keep on shooting until peace is restored.


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