LA Noire - A Polite Invitation

How to solve the Arson desk case.

LA Noire's A Polite Invitation is one of many cases on the Arson desk, following on from House of Sticks.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit. Otherwise, here's how to solve A Polite Invitation.

A Polite Invitation

With the assistant DA looking to make a name for himself you may have found an important ally, so it's time to do some more digging.

Location: Curtis Benson's Apartment


  • Share Certificate on the table behind Curtis.
  • On the desk to the left of that you'll find an Insurance Agreement

Interview Curtis Benson:

  • Motive for Fraud: Accuse (or Lie in the original version). Evidence: Share certificates.
  • Suburban Redevelopment: Accuse (or Lie in the original version). Evidence: Insurance Agreement.
  • Buchwalter Case Settlement: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).

You can optionally head into his bedroom to further besmirch his character.

Location: California Fire and Life


  • Open the folder on your desk, and point to the latitude and longitude on the blueprint, and insurance value on the pink Property Details sheet.

Location: Hall of Records


  • Examine the ledger, turn the page, and point out Courtney Sheldon.
  • Adjust the map to the coordinates 34 04' 29" by 118 17' 58"
  • Use the calculator to divide 1,876,988 by 90,000.
  • Go to the shelf marked U.

You'll now need to shoot your way out.

Location: Kelso's Apartment

Answer the phone.

Location: Leland Monroe's Mansion

This opens with a protracted gun battle. Keep in cover and push forwards towards the house, and then head inside. A couple of guys will ambush you in the first room, and you'll meet a few more as you head further in and up the stairs.


Once you reach Monroe's office, hunt for Clues:

  • There's a Newspaper and a photograph on the cabinet behind his desk.
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  • Examine the safe to find a Payroll Notebook, Suburban Redevelopment Shares, and an LAPD file on Dr. Fontaine's nefarious deeds.
  • On Monroe's desk there's a folder containing the names of residents reluctant to sell.

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