LA Noire - House of Sticks

How to solve the Arson desk case.

LA Noire's House of Sticks is one of many cases on the Arson desk, following on from A Walk in Elysian Fields.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit. Otherwise, here's how to solve House of Sticks.

House of Sticks

It may only be arson, but you can't shake the feeling that this is part of something much bigger. Unfortunately the brass aren't in a mood to put up with your nonsense so you're going to need a little outside help. Enter Jack Kelso...

Location: California Fire and Life


  • Turn the pink page in the file and read the letter underneath.

Interview Elsa Lichmann:

  • Disputed Claim Payout: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Connection to Buchwalter: Bad Cop (or Doubt in the original version).
  • Motive for Dispute: Good Cop (or Truth in the original version).

Location: Elysian Fields

Head into the trailer to look for Clues:

  • Examine the Demolition Order and Company Memo on the right hand desk.
  • Examine the Cement Delivery Receipt on left hand desk.

Head to rear of the demolished house marked with a yellow dot on your map and examine the pile of wood. Choose the lower piece with "...NE FILMS" painted onto it.


Some crazed lunatic will now come at you in a bulldozer. You can slow him down by shooting him as you run, but it's unnecessary - just sprint straight down the trench and you should make it with room to spare.


Use the nearby gamewell to get the address for Keystone Films.

Location: Keystone Film Studios


  • Climb over the fence to the right of your parked car and examine the two piles of lumber nearest the gate.
  • Climb over the other gate and head to the Screening Room ahead to your left. Examine the projector, flick the direction switch at the bottom, adjust the middle dial to slow the movie down, and then the top dial to bring it into focus.
  • Examine the film reel on the table to your left as you head back out.

Use the telephone in the guard's hut.

Location: Elysian Fields Site Two

Head into the house with the light on, and make your way upstairs.

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After a quick punchup and a cutscene, you'll need to commandeer a car and make your escape - just grab the nearest vehicle you can find and keep driving straight for a few blocks until your pursuers are right alongside you, then take a couple of turns and you should give them the slip fairly easily.

Whatever's going on, someone's pretty keen to keep it quiet...


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