LA Noire - The Quarter Moon Murders

How to solve the Homicide desk case.

LA Noire's The Quarter Moon Murders is one of many cases on the Homicide desk, following on from The Studio Secretary Murder.

If you're interested in help elsewhere, our LA Noire guide and walkthrough is well worth a visit. Otherwise, here's how to solve The Quarter Moon Murders.

The Quarter Moon Murders

Something hasn't quite added up about the previous murders. Sure, the evidence seemed solid, and the Captain is happy, but your job is to find the Good Cop (or Truth in the original version), not make people happy.

Location: Central Police Station

Examine the letters for the Black Dahlia Letter and the Shelley Excerpt.

Location: Pershing Square

Climb the fountain to find Second Shelley Excerpt and Social Security Card.

Location: Hall of Records

Head to the upper balcony and enter the maintenance room. Climb the ladder and slowly edge your way across the cable to the chandeAccuse (or Lie in the original version)r where you'll find Deidre Moller's missing watch.

Once you've collected the next Shelley Excerpt the chandeAccuse (or Lie in the original version)r will start to give way, so you'll need to swing it backwards and forwards to reach the safety of the balcony.

Location: L.A. Public Library

Use the scaffolding to reach the top where you'll find Antonia's Medallion and another Shelley Excerpt.

Location: Westlake Tarpits

Follow the submerged walkways to reach the island - there's only one path there, and as long as you don't stand still for too long you should have no difficulty reaching the other end.

Location: L.A. County Art Museum

Head to the hedge maze in the gardens. Once inside take the first right, turn right at the four-way junction, take the left turn immediately after it, and then keep going straight. (Thankfully you don't need to find your way out!)

Location: Intolerance Set

Head under the fallen pillar, go through the gates to find the stairs, and climb your way up. When everything gives way you'll need to keep the wobbling platform upright by moving from side to side to shift your weight.

Collect Evelyn Summers' Ring and the final Shelley Excerpt from the throne, and then quickly run for the exit as everything collapses around you.

Location: Christ Crown of Thornes

After confronting Garrett Mason head outside through the door to the left of the altar and enter the next building.

Once inside the catacombs you'll need to deal with Mason - he'll fire off a couple of shots and then run ahead and Accuse (or Lie in the original version) in wait around the next corner.

Just keep following him, and return fire whenever you get the chance.

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Finally you've caught the real killer - essentially the butler did it. You know, Rusty knows, and the Captain knows, but it seems that the Good Cop (or Truth in the original version) is less important than some people's reputations, and it's all being swept under the carpet...


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