Horizon Zero Dawn: A Seeker at the Gates - Override a Strider, Corrupted Zones and reaching Carja Border Fort

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Horizon Zero Dawn's A Seeker at the Gates allows you to explore far more of Horizon's world than before, at least in theory, thanks to your status as a Seeker for the tribe now you've done Womb of the Mountain.

It's time to go and try out this Override Device in the wild yourself.

If you're after help for other parts of the game, consult our complete Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough and guide.

Overriding a Strider in A Seeker at the Gates

Something bigger than your local tribe's internal politics is going on here, evident in the presence of this strange Override Device and the Corruptor that brought it to your gates. It's your job to investigate but, in the meantime, it seems you can use this thing to your own advantage. First things first, it's time to grab yourself a mount:

Test the Override Device on a Machine (Override a Strider) - follow your waypoint to an area on the map that has plenty of Striders, the horselike machines you might have seen around. Sneak up on one using the bushes, and hold down Triangle to override it. Be careful not to be discovered though, as it'll spook the Striders into running off.

Talk to Varl - With that done, it's time to head to the Gates of the Embrace. Follow your waypoint and talk to Varl there, who's having some problems of his own with corrupted machines.

Once you've spoken to Varl however, the Main Quest branches. You can either continue on with your A Seeker at the Gates, the next step of which requires you to be level 12, or you can switch to The War-Chief's Trail which is more immediately available.

We highly recommend War-Chief and it's subsequent mission in light of that - it's also located this side of the border, too, unlike the quest line which follows A Seeker at the Gates.

A Seeker at the Gates continued - Clear Corrupted Zones, Carja Fort

Once you've done The War-Chief's Trail and Revenge of the Nora - or feel brave and want to press on - here's the remaining steps for A Seeker At The Gates:

Talk to Marea at Mother's Crown - With you now a little closer to the mission's target level, it's time to go find Marea. Follow your waypoint for now.

Clear Corrupted Zones (x2) - It turns out the Carja won't let you through the main gate with this corruption threatening their security. It's up to you to go clear it out! Head to the red zones marked on your map and kill the corrupted machines there.

Go to the Carja Border Fort - Corrupted machines killed, head to the Carja Border Fort.

Kill the Corrupted Machines - More corrupted machines! Take them out, and they might finally let you pass.

Talk to the Commander of the Carja Border Fort - The Guard here is pretty greatful for your work clearing out the machines, and lets you pass.

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure Complete story walkthrough plus guides, tips, and tricks for Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure

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Exit the Carja Fort - Carry on through, and it's on to Meridian!

With A Seeker at the Gates finished, presuming you've also finished The War-Chief's Trail and Revenge of the Nora on the next page, your next quest is now The City of the Sun, which continues the main storyline proper.


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